Oh Yes, It's Ladies Night!

Rose City Rollers - Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
Oh my gosh! The most awesome night ever - EVER - may just be tonight! I have become a big fan of the local roller derby, and the season is just getting started tonight. One of the first posts I ever wrote for this bloggito was about the roller derby, and I could hardly contain myself. What makes tonight even more special however, is the After Party!! Check it out!

Roller derby and 80's dancing!! My dream night, and it's not even my birthday! Do you see the exclamation points all over this post?! If you live in Portland, you must come! If you don't live here, I bet you wish you did! 

I have to mention that I took Rachel roller skating last Sunday, and we pretty much closed the place down. But then the coolest thing happened - the derby girls showed up to practice! Out of fear respect, I didn't whip out my camera, but I can say that seeing them there made me run home and check their schedule. So, now you know where I'll be tonight. I can see that I've become a roller derby dweebo, and I don't even care!

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Kat Sloma said...

How fun! I hope you post pics sometime. :)