Life's a Beach!

I'm hoping you've stopped by to see some pictures of beautiful Nicaragua, because we ended up spending three full weeks there, and I brought home almost 2,000 pictures (plus one pretty headband - it's not actually a shopping mecca). 

When Andy first suggested that we head down to Nicaragua for a surf trip over Spring Break, I agreed to go while the kids were out of school, then bring them back like a responsible parent while he stayed down there to keep surfing his brains out. But once we were there, it quickly became obvious that we had to stay the full three weeks that he had planned for. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to extend our fantastic family vacation, and I have no regrets now!

He had booked us a wonderful house to stay in - right on the beach, with a swimming pool (awesome!), and get this...a cook! Our group was treated to three fresh, healthy meals everyday, cooked for us by a really nice local guy who surfed in between making breakfast and lunch.

Depending on the day, we had between 10 and 15 friends sharing the house, with plenty of room for all. We spent our days waking up early (the sun comes up around 5:30 am and goes down 12 hours later), having coffee, reading, surfing, playing on the beach, swimming, and then doing it all again after lunch. It was usually about 90 degrees, and the sun is pretty intense, but let me tell you, going straight from winter to summer is very easy to adjust to. The hard part, as usual, was coming back to Portland to see that winter had not left yet. Boooo, and brrrrrr! So, back to paradise....

Two thumbs up for Nicaragua! We loved it! Next time I'll share pictures of our day trips to San Juan del Sur and Granada. Until then, adios amigos...