I Heart Long Weekends

We took advantage of the day off from school on Monday and drove out to the coast for the day. It was wonderful. I did give the kids a pop quiz at lunch about Martin Luther King, Jr., since I was feeling a little guilty about not participating in a community event in his honor. The kids did great; "no, he was not a president" - "yes, he wanted peace" - "he had four little kids" - "someone shot him because they didn't agree with him" - "not letting people do things just because their skin is a different color doesn't make any sense." No, it sure does not!

We decided to explore Cannon Beach, and we were graced with about six minutes of sun before getting totally soaked by a long drizzly walk back to the van. That's ok though - I think it made for some great memories.

We found these jellyfish all over the beach!

I was so excited to find this little heart!

We decided to drive down to our favorite ice cream shop in Manzanita before heading home, and I had to laugh watching Ollie double-fisting his hot chocolate and ice cream. He didn't know which to have first. Such a great day!


Kat Sloma said...

Can I just tell you how homesick you just made me? The Oregon Coast is one of my two favorite places on earth. Thanks for posting these pics, I'm glad you had a nice long weekend!

Ms. Mary Mack said...

These are wonderful shots. Makes me want to jump in the car along with you for the next excursion. And you've introduced me to the beauty of Oregon.