Winter Break 2010

Hello! I know you haven't heard from me since last year (wink, wink), but I've been um...busy! Actually, I've really been wanting to post the pictures I took during our Christmas trip to Sunriver, but I had just one problem - procrastinationitis. Seriously. I thought this might disappear with the midnight start of our new year, but no, the first day of the year was spent looking at other people's blogs for hours, ignoring my own. Sigh... I am me, same as always - a little overwhelmed by the love of it all. It seems I took about 100 pictures just of the sledding! Don't even get me started on the snowball fights, the presents, and all the rest of that jazz. What I'm saying is, if you're here to see 1,000 pictures of our Christmas (Mom, I know you're nodding your head), don't fret if it's whittled down to 20 10. At a time. Over the course of a few posts. It's a school night, you know!

My beautiful boy, ready to go! Let's get there already!

Making and eating lots of lefse (a Norwegian tortilla of sorts) is a huge Christmas tradition with my husband's family. I stick with the peanut butter balls. What? 
My sister-in-law, Lucy. Head Lefse Maker.

happy happy joy joy


See, are we having fun now, or what?!


tara on the wander said...

Can your family teach me how to make lefse? My uncles make it in our family -- I keep wanting my mom to help me learn so I can carry on the tradition!

PS. Thanks for stopping by -- and nice to e-meet you. I've not done Mondo Beyondo ... yet ... but I keep hearing about it!

Diana said...

Lovely images. Met you on Picture Winter. Happy 2011!

Diana said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! My Picture Winter name is Diana Foster!