It really doesn't matter what the weather is like outside when you can walk into a room that is at least 85 degrees all year long! I was woefully over-dressed in two layers of long sleeves and my Uggs, but hey, I'm the family photo-documentarian, so I came prepared to sit this one out. Next time however, I'm jumping in! We were so proud of Rachel for finally getting over her fear of the water slide, and heading down - with joy - but never without Andy. That's ok though!

Not one to be outdone, Oliver had a fantastic time on the slide, and hit the "let's do it again!" button over and over, until Andy got sick of the stairs. Sorry I don't have a good shot of the whole slide (it's BIG). It wouldn't fit in my lens! 

They start their first round of "for real" swim lessons next week! Between that, and climbing, and woodshop, and ballet, it's a good life!

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Debbie said...

Lovely, joyful photos! I am reminded of when my own son was young and we used to go to the local fun pool. He's 19 now, so goes swimming on his own, and I haven't been for years. These pics make me feel like digging out my swimsuit and heading off for some fun!