My Word for 2011 - Maintenance?

I've noticed that instead of making New Year's resolutions (which are so Out, apparently), many people have switched to intentions, focusing specifically on one word for the year. I've seen wonderful choices like Kindness, Gentle(ness), and Acceptance, and I've been thinking about what my word might be. I've been leaning toward Commitment, meaning that when I take on a project or responsibility, I see it through to the end, or that if I say I'm going to call, write or email you, I actually do it. This seems like something I've been doing well at lately, but I could always get better.

However, yesterday while out for lunch with my family, the elusive winter sun made a surprise appearance, warming us all up for a minute or two. It was during that moment, while playing Hangman with my daughter while we waited for our food that she announced, "Mommy, you have a mustache." Whhhhaaaaaaatttt? I told her, "That is not a compliment."

So maybe 2011 needs to be about maintenance. Maybe I need to see if she's right, and get out the tweezers. Maybe I'll be calling my hair stylist about the growout/gray hairs/lack of ooomph that my hair is experiencing lately. Maybe I'll shave my legs a little more often. I've even been thinking about getting those braces for my teeth that I've always wanted (seriously, I used to pretend to have a retainer by "wearing" a paper clip on my teeth - gross, I know)!

Don't worry - I have good self-esteem. I'm proud of the hard work I do in my pilates class several times a week, and I feel stronger and healthier in my body than ever before. My skin has finally started to behave thanks to Retin A (it even works on wrinkles a little!), and I look people in the eye when I'm talking to them. It just feels a little necessary to take a "physical inventory" to see what needs help, and that includes my muscles which have been asking for a massage for quite a while now.

This seems a little self-centered, but I can still be kind, gentle, and committed, while enjoying a freshening up of my poor, old (not really) self. What are you focusing on? Have you had a pedicure lately? I give them five stars.


tara said...

Oooh, maintenance, that's a good one!

(And yes, I had a pedicure just yesterday. How very pregnant cliche, right? But I hadn't had one in many, many months and it was a nice treat.)

justine said...

I agree, maintenance is a good one. You have a great blog, came across from the kat eye view on flickr.

Amy said...

you crack me up with your shaving your legs.....
good word for the year...can mean so many different things!
I'll be sending some mail your way early next week :)
Thanks so much for the great book! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I read this well over a week ago, and you made me laugh so hard, because I am so all over this post.

I finally got time to come back and comment, so you can see how difficult it can be.

I so need to do this and it seems like it should be so easy.

The good thing about living alone, you can go days and days without shaving your legs. The bad thing about living alone, you look down one day and you realize, holy hell, I need to cut my toenails!

Anyway, thanks for this.

And the moustache. I've been struggling for about five months now with that bit of darkness appearing around my mouth, not urgent, no one mentioned anything, but i'm like whhhaaat noowww!!