Roller Derby! Yeah!

This has been a very fun, very busy week - the preschool graduation, the visiting mom-in-law, a great trip to the berry farm, the talent show, and then the last day of first grade for my sweet little girl. But wow, last night! After asking people all week to come with me to the Rose City Rollers season championship, I finally got an "ok, let's do it" from my friend Ian! The rest of my family left on Thursday for a quick camping/climbing trip in California, and I have been blessed with a weekend all to myself. This is such a gift - and the one thing I really wanted to do with my time off was get myself to this roller derby! It was amazing!

I've never been to the roller derby before, and neither had Ian, but after watching the first bout, we started to catch on to the rules. This is fantastic stuff, I tell you. We realized at the end of the big match that the derby girls come in all shapes and sizes - and ages!

One of the highest scorers of the night (known as a jammer) was this beauty: Minstral Psycho. The names were killing me. I was glad I was close enough to hear her say, "Old chicks kick a**!" Because trust me, she did! She's holding the super cool, sparkly belt buckle all the winning ladies received as a prize.

Congratulations to the winning team - the High Rollers - and to all the ladies that made this an unforgettable spectacle! And thanks again to Ian, who didn't want me going alone.

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