The Sun Arrives, Fashionably Late

Aaaaahhh, the sun came out! Just as Portland was giving up hope, looking for houses in Southern California, and generally being all grumpy all over the place, *surprise* the sun did a sneaky! She finally decided to let the Northwest into her virtual family photo - there we are up at the left with Seattle giving us the bunny ears, grins on all our faces! I know that by now, this late in June, the sun being out should just be an afterthought. But no, this was front and center news for like, what? The last 8 months weeks! We felt like groundhogs, perpetually hoping to see our shadows. But now, no more complaining! Unless the sun shouts, "Tricked ya!" like my little boy would. We'll see. For now we're cautiously optimistic, and putting on the sunscreen.

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