Walk With Us!

Ohhh, I'm so excited to share this! Kat of the very beautiful blog The Kat Eye View of the World contacted me recently to see if I could help her put together a little photo walk around Portland. Go ahead, check out her blog and then come back. I'll wait. Ok, so cool, right? She is currently living in Italy (sigh), but Oregon is her home state and she's coming back for a quick visit. And she would like to spend two hours with little old me!! And anyone else that would like to come along! That means YOU, my Portland peeps!

Here are some particulars - this lovely walk will be taking place on Sunday, October 10th starting at 10:00 a.m. I anticipate a smallish, patient group of people that will enjoy meeting each other, talking shop about their cameras, and helping each other learn something new about photography. Sounds like fun to me!

I've never done one of these photo walks before, and as we tried to come up with a plan, the sneaky Portland Marathon ran right through my map! We had been thinking about wandering through downtown, but thank goodness we found out that a pretty serious marathon had the same idea. So now I'm thinking maybe the Pearl District (that is where I took that above picture of the who-knows-what), or walk along Hawthorne Blvd. and the surrounding neighborhood. In any case, those parts of the plan are still a little flexible and we'd love any ideas you may have of where to go to get cool, "This is Portland!" shots. Please come if you can! Just rsvp in the comments and we'll see you soon.


Kat said...

Yay Jenny! I love your photo and can't wait to meet you and any other photo peeps who join us in Portland. By the way, I'll see you in Picture Fall too!

Anonymous said...

ooh have fun and POST PICS!!!! if i wasn't on the opposite coast i would be there.

Amy said...

I am going to give this info. to my cousin Amy McMullen who lives in Portland and was Tracy Clark's assistant when Amy lived in So. Cal. I have the most lovely pictures that Amy took of my husband and I in front of those wood flats that are beautifully curved! The wood caught my eye and I knew immediately it was Portland!!! I wish I was going to be up that way...I'd love to join in on a photo walk!!!

Jolie said...

So fun! I don't know if I can make the 10th, but I'm going to try.

I was also going to tell you that there's a group of us that meet at Happy Knits (16th and Hawthorne) every Wednesday morning and I'd happily teach you to knit there! :)

Jenny C said...

Ahhh Jolie! You have to come!! And Happy Knits sounds so awesome! I am a total newbie - maybe you can help me knit a "thinking cap" so I can get my stitches right!

And thanks Amy for extending the invitation! Two degrees of separation between me and Tracey Clark just might make me giggle too hard to get any good pictures! I know, pretty nerdy.

Jennifer, get your lovely self over to the West Coast asap! We could do cupcake vs. donut comparisons! How can you resist an offer like that?