A Few More

These dolphin cruises are so much fun! It's exhilarating to be speeding along, knowing that there must be all kinds of stuff swimming around under the boat (and oh, I'm always hoping it's friendly!), scanning the horizon...then suddenly...they're all over the place!! I'm such a sucker for wild animals (the non-ferocious, non-poisonous, not rodent-types anyway)!

Of course we had tons of fun swimming too -

And having cupcakes for breakfast isn't so bad either...

Oliver taking pictures with my phone to send to Daddy, who was working hard back in Portland.

We really love the time we've been able to spend in Maui! I owe a big Thank You to my mom for being spontaneous and quickly saying yes to my half-baked idea of running away to Hawaii in August (I maybe gave her three weeks notice). Sometimes you just have to do stuff like that! Aloha, Mom!

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