Voodoo Love

I know what you're thinking. "Didn't she just end a post with a trip to an ice cream shop where she let the kids make five lb. sundaes?!" Yes, but that was like two days ago! And really, I wasn't totally buying these for myself or the kids - we merely tasted a couple before passing the rest of the box off to the guys building the new gym with my husband. Yum. Not only does Portland have the best bookstore of all time, we also have the most wickedly delicious doughnuts on the planet! Voodoo Doughnuts: you're going to give me diabetes and it will be all your fault!

I let Oliver have his favorite - the one with the Hubba Bubba in the middle - and this is what I noticed a few minutes later...

He ate the top off of it! I thought people only did that with muffins! I looked down at it sitting there on the table and said laughing, "Ollie, what the heck do you call that?" and he replied without hesitation, "A masterpiece!" Oh man, he is something else.

And he sure plays a mean pinball. Seriously, his final score was about 4,000,000 points.


Kat said...

Yes! I had them for the first time last February, they are the best donuts. Mmmmm... something else to look forward to while I'm in Portland!

Anonymous said...

those look sinful!!!!!

we might not have Voodoo Doughnuts, but we have Sweet & Sassy cupcakes and let me tell you, they are devilishly good!