Vacation in a (Coco)Nutshell

Ok, so you remember when I wrote that I'd post Hawaii pictures "later today" and you just laughed because you know me so well, and that later today obviously meant "sometime this week when I get to it..." Well, ta-dah! Without any further procrastination, I'd like to send you on a mini virtual vacation! Am I great, or what?

The first sunset we saw - and this was from our room!
This is one of my favorite places on Maui - a "hidden beach" with a great nature trail, and
 cliffs that are usually a good place to see a turtle from.
Hey! Watch the splashes, Ocean! If you get my camera wet we'll have words!

What did I just say?

I'm no geologist, but I can tell you that these bad boys are sharp!

The handsome pool boy

I actually was on this trip! The camera kept focusing on
 itself in the mirror - so self-centered!

**A message from the Universe**
So glamorous!

Oh, I have so many more, people! But it's time for bed - Round 2 "tomorrow."

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