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The view from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower last fall...

I've been seeing lists all over people's blogs and I really love the idea. Some are birthday-related, like hula seventy's fantastic one, and then there is the grand Life List that Karen of Chookooloonks put together. Inspired by their lists, and others, I decided to just do it for myself - I'm excited! I turned 38 last week, and while it would be nice to complete these items by my next birthday, I'm not putting any pressure on myself to do that. This is just for fun! I may add to the list, or change what I've listed, but I will definitely be crossing out stuff as I try, do, or complete them! Wish me luck!

Here goes, in no particular order:

  1. Get a massage (or two)
  2. Take Rachel ice skating
  3. Try paddle boarding
  4. Actually use the Project Life kit I just ordered
  5. Learn French - enough to feel confident in short conversations - booking a hotel, buying something, making a joke!
  6. Have more playdates with my friends
  7. Raft down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon
  8. Read The Swiss Family Robinson and Treasure Island with the kids, preferably while hanging out in the hammock
  9. Get really good at making something from scratch, like spaghetti sauce or chicken noodle soup
  10. Take Ollie fishing - with hooks!
  11. Go on safari with my dad
  12. Start taking ballet again
  13. Plant sunflowers in my yard
  14. Make a photo book of my 2009 trip to France and Italy
  15. Take a photography class at PCC
  16. Don't travel for Christmas this year
  17. Ride my bike more
  18. Celebrate my birthday, Bastille Day, in France
  19. Have more spontaneous dance parties in the living room
  20. Make a magical thinking jar  started 7.21.10
  21. Less coffee, more green tea
  22. Take Rachel horseback riding in the mountains for her birthday
  23. Read at least 3 classic books this year (not related to #8)
  24. Try surfing with Andy, but not in Oregon
  25. Make some of the felt softies I bought that book and supplies for
  26. Reorganize my closet (again)
  27. Keep up the hard work in pilates class!
  28. Plan a monthly date with Andy to do something fun, not just a movie
  29. Go back to Hawaii done - August 2010, but I'm keeping this one on the list
  30. Plan a party to celebrate a holiday, maybe Halloween or New Year's Eve
  31. Keep getting better at being on time - try being early!
  32. Take the kids kayaking or canoeing
  33. Create a craft space that isn't in the basement
  34. Eat more fruit & veggies (local, organic, you know, the good stuff)
  35. Get birthday cards mailed out on time to everyone this year
  36. Take a scooter for a ride
  37. Indulge in kindness and goodness
  38. Drink more water
  39. Breathe and relax
That's it so far! What would your list look like?

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Jenn said...

I volunteer to help you with #9...you tell me what you want to make and we will make it your signature "made from scratch with love" dish!!