Green & Some Kid Stuff

In a town so green, I thought I would end up with a picture of a plant, a tree, or something growing. However, we spent our day downtown at the fountain and I just loved this. I love all things Frenchy!

I also have this from the Rose Festival, held here in Portland a few weeks ago. My son won it in one of those fishing games. You know - the kind where each kid actually wins something. He was thrilled, gave it a squeeze, then asked me to carry it around for him.

In news not related to the color challenge: my daughter just doesn't like it when her teeth fall out. She wants them to stay in as long as possible, so long in fact, that she may be adding glue to her toothpaste. 

See what I mean? The first front tooth fell out a few months ago - in her sleep! So yesterday I kept asking her to just get it over with and pull it. Nope. Not her. It did finally come out later, after dinner, with a magic lemonade popsicle! 

It was hard to get a good picture late at night, but I thought she might like a reminder of what that tooth looked like before her tooth fairy friend - Tilly - came for it. 

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Jenny M. said...

How funny about the tooth! Tell Rachel Raina just lost her first tooth in her sleep, too. She woke up and-voila-it was there in her mouth! She wanted to keep the tooth, so wrote a sweet note to the tooth fairy of her wishes--sure enough, the tooth is still in her possession. :-)