Picture Summer : Week One

So, in order to get to know my new camera better, we have been taking a class together. Picture Summer is an all-online class with daily email assignments that will last just for the month of July. I'll show you the pictures I've been posting to the student gallery - it's so fun to put up a picture and then get a couple friendly comments from people all over the country (and beyond) who are doing the same thing! It is a nice little community, and while most of us aren't pros, I think I've already learned some valuable things from my fellow students.

July 1 : This is summer!

Disclaimer - Here in Portland, it happened to rain for the first two days of this class, so instead of taking a new, soggy picture of something drippy and pretending that "this is what summer means to me," I posted a picture I had taken a few weeks previous. Now that it is hot and lovely out - no more excuses!

July 2 : Splashy!

I have to share the INCREDIBLE short story behind this picture! We were out at Short Sands having a wonderful day playing in the sand while Mr. C was out surfing. My kids were playing in a little stream that heads out to the ocean, digging and building sand castles with two other little kids that we didn't know. I was taking shot after shot, messing around with my camera, and noticed that the mom of these new BFF's was also taking pictures of them - the big difference? Her wonderful, long, totally professional-looking lens. Suddenly, she walked over to me and asked, "Would you like to try out my lens on your camera?" I was flustered and said something like, "Oh my god, yes!" through a bunch of schoolgirl giggles, all the while thinking things like "Don't drop it! What if I get it all sandy! How long can I keep it?" Embarrassed, I had to say, "I'm such a newbie! How do I take my lens off?" Thank goodness she didn't laugh at me!

The lens was heavy and intimidating, but I wheeled around snapping away, trying to make the most of the opportunity. In the end, I was extremely grateful to her - so much so that I forgot to ask her name. Way to go, Jenny! Maybe we'll see each other again out at the beach, and maybe this time I'll not be such a nerd.

July 3: Centered

I actually caught our new baby kitty, Star, sitting still for about 12 seconds! I like this picture of her, but I can't stop thinking, "Man, I wish I had scrubbed her face clean first! Get rid of the eye boogers!" Maybe that's how I'll teach myself Photoshop, since that seems like the next step in photo-land. She's a cutie, nontheless.

July 4 : Traditions

I've never been a very big fan of popping, fiery, loud explosives, but guess what? My little boy is!

July 5 : What We're Drinking

There were lots of good pictures of all kinds of drinks, most of them water. I actually ran outside while we were eating dinner because I noticed the sunset was warming up the porch so nicely. I love this glass - we bought it at a yard sale years ago. The lady selling them had three and I remember saying, "We'll take two," and she was like, "No, take three." So, ok, yeah, we took three for the price of two. Gotta love a bargain!

July 6 : Wide Open Spaces

There were many, many beautiful pictures posted on this day, but I was thrilled to get the comment, "This is one of my absolute, all-time favorites." Wow! I told my daughter as I was posting it that she made the photo interesting. As usual!

July 7 : Subtle

I had a hard time with this assignment. I actually didn't post anything because I didn't take that many pictures on Wednesday. It was the first of our close-to-100-degree days, and we spent it shopping in lovely, air-conditioned stores for the bbq we're having this weekend. But, now that I think about it, this picture works.

Already working on the second week - it should be a doozie!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am loving picture summer. To access the picture summer badge....log into Big Picture Scrapbooiking and "enter classroom". It's at the bottom of Tracey's Salutations! message.