Picture Summer : Week Two

I've been busy trying to keep up with Picture Summer assignments, and sometime last week, the teacher of this class, Tracey Clark, happened to give us the hint of using photo editing software like Picnik to enhance our pictures. Eureka! And, it's free! I love this program now - it's totally user friendly, it connects with other programs out there like Flickr and Facebook (among others), and did I mention it's free! You can upgrade to a premium subscription which is totally cheap, but I'm having fun right now with the starter stuff. Did you see that I finally made a proper blog banner up there? Thanks to Picnik, I'm on the right track. Thanks, teacher!

July 8 - Treasure Hunters

These are shells and one cool nut that Andy brought back from his surf trip to Costa Rica last fall.

July 9 - The Shape of Things

July 10 - Making Memories

We had a nice summer BBQ in our backyard that Saturday evening, and knowing that there would be a gaggle of kids coming, I got a pinata. The prompt for this day's assignment was to take a picture that, upon looking at it later, would instantly take you back to the moment it was taken. A picture that would tell more of the story than what you see in the photo. This does it for me! I love how fancy my daughter got - although it had been a warm day, as soon as her little girlfriends began to arrive she took them up to her room and they all got fancy! Wouldn't it be fun to go over to your friend's house now and put on her prettiest dress as soon as you get there? I think so! (Provided you're a woman reading this. Ha!)

July 11 - Treat Yourself

There were lots of pictures this day of people treating themselves to milkshakes, pedicures, wine, and the like. For me, this day was all about treating myself to the Open House of the dream home I wrote about a few days ago. This is a picture of my son in "his room."

July 12 - Simple Solitude

My green tea tells me to "First think and then act." Ok, sounds good.

July 13 - Juicy Fruit

I originally took a bunch of pictures of a few nectarines in a basket. They were pretty, but I was experimenting with "antiquing" and they ended up looking country-ish, but not juicy. So, when we went to the farmer's market the next day, bingo! Juicy fruit!

July 14 - Summer Breeze

So, this was a great, special, super nice day! My birthday! Woohoo! I took this picture back in June, but whatever...it was my birthday and I make the rules! More on my birthday later...

Thanks for looking!

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