Whatcha Doin'?

Oh, my little blog! I have been neglecting you! Here's why...in the past two weeks we've had day after day of some combination of fun, excitement, hard work, snow!, and a little vomiting (just to keep us on our toes). You see, our kids' school finally moved into the new location that we've been waiting for since, well, years ago. There was a flurry of activity in the new space to prepare it for students, and I've spent a lot of time there lately. A lot. It's all been worth it though seeing how excited the kids are to have a bit more space to stretch out and explore. I'm so happy for them.

The picture above was from about a week ago. We woke up to a very wintry scene here in Portland, and the schools decided to call it a day before the sun even came up. Too bad though - the stuff was completely melted by 10:00 am! Whatever. It was the only "snow day" so far this winter, so I think the logic was that we should just enjoy the day off. Yeah fine, except I had an appointment that morning to take care of #1 on my list! My wonderful husband came through for me though, and I got to drop the kids off with him while I took care of myself. It was awesome.

Oh yes, the vomiting. Well, suffice it to say that somebody - probably not me - gave my kids food poisoning on opposite ends of last week. I don't know how that can happen, but it was dramatic, and thankfully brief for both of them. All better now! We've been pretty healthy for a long time (knocking on wood here), got our flu shots last fall, and are really hoping nothing else pops up before our big (huge) trip to Nicaragua that is fast approaching.

Picture Inspiration - Week 1 - Self Portrait!
So, between all that, and starting a new photography class or two, organizing the spring fundraiser for the school, and working out as often as possible, I've still got a crazy March to contend with. March is a marathon every year now because my husband and both of our children have birthdays this month, actually within twelve days of each other! I think I've got the kids parties covered, cakes have been ordered, grandparents are on their way, but...oh wait...do I have any presents yet? A few. Phew! This mom stuff can be pretty exhausting. And pretty great too!


Kat Sloma said...

Lovely self portrait, so nice to see you and read you again! See you around Picture Inspiration.

Anonymous said...

lovely portrait.

take a moment and breathe.

marchis busy for us, four birthdays in my circle including my own which i have of course made no plans for.

i always feel like February is the waiting month, the excitement of the holidays are over, but it's not yet warm enough to get out and do!!!

i love march! and our calendar IS full. so much so i still haven't done my Picture Inspiration from last week, yikes.

you have a good attitude though. stay the course, mama.

Eydie said...

I just found your blog and loved visiting with you. Filled with so much truth and beauty. So glad I found you. I look forward to visiting again soon.