Love and Bowling

Andy and I decided to spend Valentine's Day 2011 with the kids. (Don't worry, we had our own date night on Sunday - out by ourselves to see True Grit (4 stars!) Romance galore!). We figured that it's not so easy to get a babysitter on the actual Day of Love, and our kids are our real valentines anyway, so it made perfect sense. What better way to express our love for each other than to go bowling?! Naturally, we had a blast!

No, she isn't growing dreadlocks -
we came straight from swimming lessons. 

Daddy giving Ollie a little tutorial,
but he'd better just get out of the way!

Ack! It is not supposed to bounce!
Wait for it... 

This place was a feast for the eyes. Color everywhere! Of course they have Cosmic Bowling (you know, bowling in the dark with black lights to make everything glow). Of course they have disco balls - like, four of them! And of course everyone that works there is super nice in a slightly weird way. It's a bowling alley! What more could you ask for? (Ahem...I'm thinking 80's music....just a suggestion.)

Hope your Valentine's Day was just as great as mine!

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Debbie said...

Great post! Our Valentines Day involved a drive to the coast and fish and chips for tea.

You made me remember a family bowling afternoon for my son's birthday many years ago, I think maybe he was 8 (he is nearly 20 now!) It was great fun, and my elderly aunt, who had never bowled before, won, and was thrilled to bits! Good fun.

I am not even sure I have been bowling since....might have to do that again soon!