I Want to Be Present!

Rocks the kids found at the beach this summer - cool, huh?
If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas this year (or Hanukkah - I'm not Jewish, but we can all feel the love), or if you happen to be a rich hippie benefactor who would love to sponsor me on a creative endeavor...have I got an idea for you! I just found out about the be present retreat happening next spring in my "backyard" - Manzanita, Oregon! Oh.my.gosh. This retreat is going to be a series of workshops centered around the theme of "Joy," and I'm wondering if it could get any sweeter than that?!

I don't know anything (yet) about polaroids or painting, but you can bet that I need to find my joy in the kitchen. Just look at that berry cobbler. If anyone asked me to whip up some whipped cream like that from scratch, I might just stare into a big bowl and have a little cry, that's how badly I need to go to this!

Plus, getting to meet Andrea Jenkins (aka hula seventy), and having her teach me the art of taking polaroids is right up there with shooting hoops with Barack Obama...out of this world, surreal fun!

Is anybody else considering going to this? We could be roomies!

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