At Long Last - The 10.10.10 Photowalk Pictures...

Perhaps you've been wondering about that little photo walk I put together last month, wherein I  met up with international blogging all-star, Kat, and her sister Laurie, to wander gingerly through Northwest Portland, snapping away at any old thing that caught our fancy? Didn't it rain cats and dogs? And wasn't there a 15,000 person marathon happening about three streets away? And didn't it rain on them too? Yes to all of it! We came, we saw, we took pictures...and had a great time!

Here's Kat, all the way from Italy! Isn't she cute?
Bear with me on the quality of some of my shots, please. I found out that it's not so easy to balance my camera, my umbrella, and my extra huge, yet very chic camera bag while walking in the rain and trying to use manual focus. I had to make the sad decision to leave my coffee at Starbucks and switch to autofocus. Kat is a serious pro at this kind of multi-tasking (she may have three arms).

After seeing her get her camera all wet, I started to loosen up about keeping every drop off mine. Her pictures always turn out so well, I had to just follow her lead and I'm so glad I did. These aren't exactly straight out of the camera, but most of them are close. As I went through them, I kind of liked the soft gloomy glow that the clouds provided. It was a great experience to meet Kat (and Laurie!) face-to-face, and I'm hoping that more of these meet-ups will happen soon! 

Oh! Also, Kat and I are synchronizing our blogs to showcase our photo walk pictures on the same day (so James Bond of us!), so be sure to check hers out too! I can't wait to see how she captured the very same things I was looking at.

Check out the rain drops on her lens! Brave lady!

 Thanks again, Kat! This was a great idea, and I can't wait to do it again!!


Kat Sloma said...

I love them all! Especially that one with the red berry-ish things on the tree. Gorgeous! Put that one in the Mortal Muse pool for bokeh for sure.

How funny, we picked a photo from the same place to lead with. (Well, I guess it was at the beginning of the walk...)

I loved seeing the walk through your eyes and with your words. International blogging all-star - LOL! Just a girl with a camera. :)

Debbie Haustedt said...

You've really captured the best of the Northwest beauty. Thank you for sharing with those of us who live in an irrigated desert! Fess up...did you climb a tree to get the picture of the sidewalk? It looks like a squirrel's view to me! Keep it up, you're got the eye and passion for the beauty around you and it opens up a whole new world for others. Love it and you for your efforts!

Carola Bartz said...

Jenny, this is my first time here (I came over from Kat) and I'm in awe of your wonderful pictures! The fence! The steps with the leaves on them! Stunning. I very much enjoyed looking at your picutres (as well as Kat's). Thank you for sharing!

jehara said...

I sorta have a thing for things. Thanks for feeding my penchant for all things trees and autumn and colors. :)

Your shots are all gorgeous and inspiring, but I gotta say the leaves on the sidewalk took my breath away.

p.s. i came over from mondo. ;)

Rainey said...

I am so bummed I chickened out - Yes the rain and the marathon scared me!

Your photos are beautiful!

Debbie said...

What a great idea, and lovely photos! I am just starting out with taking photos, having not taken more than family snaps before. You have inspired me! I think I will go on a Photowalk myself!

Debbie said...

I especially love the ones of the leaves on the steps. Lovely.