And We're Walking...

Yes people, we have a plan! Call it what you will; Nob Hill, Uptown, The Alphabet District - I'm thinking Northwest Portland is going to be the perfect place to do our little photo walkabout. Here are the deets:

Sunday, October 10th at 10:00 am (that's this weekend folks!)
Meet at the Starbucks on NW 23rd & NW Overton

This is the one by Good Sam Hospital, not the other one down the street. Get that other one out of your head! I will be there a little early and my "signal" will be that my camera will be out on the table keeping me company. Please come! You're coming, right?! Well, at least I know that Kat is coming, and she lives in Italy for crying out loud!

Just a word about the marathon and the snarled traffic - avoid. I've checked all the appropriate websites and it seems that if we stick to I-405, or the streetcar, or landing there in a hot air balloon we'll be just fine. Oh, and forget about the bridges too. Good luck, and we really hope to meet some new photogs on Sunday! It should be lots of fun.

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Kat said...

YAY! Can't wait!!!