Snap Happy

Since receiving my new camera (a Canon Rebel T2i) for Mother's Day, I have been taking pictures every day, reading my manuals, playing with lenses, and generally loving it. It occurred to me recently that the little digi point-and-shoot that I had been using before was just sitting in the drawer, unused and unloved. I bought that camera last summer as an emergency purchase - we were on vacation in Maui and lost our other one (I may have...uh-hum...thrown it away...totally by accident!!). I didn't have much of a selection or time to pick out anything good, so I went with a little Sony number and it saved our vacation. Alas, I couldn't stand it! The happy ending is that having a not-so-great camera influenced me to get a Great One, and now I have an awesome new hobby, great pics of the kids, a new blog, fame, glory, powerful friends (yep, I get emails from the President himself!), and so on.

Anyhow, back to the drawer. I said to my kids, "Would you guys like to take this old camera for a spin?" There was a bunch of jumping up and down and shouts of, "Yes! Yes! Yes! You're the best mommy in the world!" Awww. My daughter watched me throughout July while I was doing my assignments for Picture Summer (often she was part of the assignments), and she was eager to try out some of the stuff I had done. Without further ado, here are some of Rachel's super awesome pictures (and who knows, Oliver could have taken some, but I usually saw the camera in the hands of the big sister)...

Cool, right? I didn't edit these in the slightest. Not even cropped. I love that one of Ollie taking his picture in the reflection of somebody's car. So creative!

The three of us went to the zoo on Friday, and there was even more picture taking! This time by me.

Lemon-flavored cotton candy - kind of good in an icky sort of way. Oh, and the teeth!

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