The Summer of Adventure ~ Hawaii Style

Aloha, friends! Well, we made it! Our school year ended with all sorts of fun and activity, including non-stop fieldtrips, a talent show that Rachel participated in (she jumped rope up to 100!), Oliver's class marching in a parade, and me putting together the end-of-the-year slide show for the Kindergarten class. I was very proud of myself for getting the slideshow done on time, not having to stay up all night to finish it while crying about procrastinating and shoving cookies into my mouth to stay awake! Not this time! It did, however, take three days of my life - but it turned out so awesome, and the kids and their parents all loved it!

So, somehow we made it through all that, and a whole lot more, got ourselves packed, and onto a plane last Sunday. Planes, actually. We used a bunch of frequent flier miles to get here, and since my itinerary is a bit different than the rest of my family, I got to fly here by myself! Andy and the kids got to come straight to Maui from Portland, and though I left around the same time, I was on a different airline and had to go through San Francisco. My first flight left a half an hour late, which made me pretty nervous, but the nice ladies at the desk changed my seat to put me closer to the door, so I was almost first class once I got on the plane! I made it to SF just in time to get to my other plane and board. Then something happened that I've never heard of before. Our pilot was a bit of a speed demon - he took us up to the Jet Stream, and got us to Maui an hour early! What? Yes!

So, my family came back to the airport to pick me up (they had been fooling around at the beach already), and we headed to the condo that we always stay at in West Maui. As soon as we unloaded our bags, the kids wasted no time in changing into their swimsuits...then BAAAANNNGGG! Oliver was so excited to run to the pool that he ran straight into the closed sliding glass door! He bounced off of the glass so hard onto the tile floor, that he split the back of his head open. Happy Father's Day, Andy!! So, literally within minutes of getting into our place, we almost called 911! Instead, we ended up at a little Doctors On Call clinic at the Hyatt Regency down the road, and Ollie had to get a few stitches. Poor baby! The amazing thing was, just like when he had his hernia surgery, he was super brave, didn't cry when the doctor had to give him in injection (right into the cut - oh my!), and actually fell asleep a little as the doctor sewed him up. That last part worried me until I remembered the time change, and that to him, it was about 10:00 at night.

With orders to stay out of the pool and the ocean all week, we've been taking it easy and doing other stuff, and his head has healed nicely. He got the stitches out on Friday night, and is excited to do some cannon balls into the pool, and to try surfing with Daddy, and give his goggles a go. We're so lucky that we're here for a month, otherwise this would have been quite a bummer. Rachel has been super sweet and supportive, and she was so upset when he got hurt! She cried more than he did, but I understood completely. Seeing my children's blood on the outside of their bodies is one of my all-time least favorite things. It's nice to see how much they care about each other though.

More soon - I've GOT to get to the pool!

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