The Cutest Mouse Ever!

This past weekend Rachel was radiant as a Princess Mouse in her ballet school's production of The Princess and the Pea! She had three performances in two days, and did just beautifully - never tiring or complaining, even though there was a lot of waiting around and it went late into the evening. We got tickets for the Saturday afternoon show, and I was struck by how much fun she seemed to be having on stage! She never told me she was nervous (and I don't think she actually was), she was just very prepared and grinning through their entire scene, which she told me later went by way too quickly. 

We weren't allowed to take any pictures during the performances, but I helped backstage and got a few snaps while they got ready.

You're a star, my sweet!

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Kat Sloma said...

She looks beautiful and you captured some great backstage details. Wonderful story of a special moment in her life!