Great News!!

We are in the middle of a very exciting weekend! Here's why...

#1.  Opening Day at The Circuit Bouldering Gym!!

This is our little family business! My husband is the owner and mastermind behind this beautiful idea. His first gym opened here in Portland just over five years ago, and now, hot on its heels, comes the second one! I couldn't be more proud of him. He's very humble about it, but the whole town is buzzing about this - as it should be! If you're still thinking, "What the heck is a bouldering gym?," I usually explain that it's a form of rock climbing, but without the harness & ropes or scary heights. It's perfect for kids because they almost always love scrambling around on anything - at least my kids do. They will climb any little thing that makes them taller (steps, retaining walls, trees, grocery carts, kitchen counters...the possibilities are endless!).

We've had to kind of give up most of our free time with Andy since he started building this place with his crew back in July, but now we're looking forward to lots of family time spent here, and of course at the first gym (which isn't going anywhere), as well as in other places (have I told you about our Spring Break trip to Nicaragua? Dios mio!)

I'm so blessed to raise my family in such a supportive, positive environment! I feel especially proud for Andy that he can provide good jobs for people right now (including the building crew he has about 30 people on his payroll!). Plus, he has created a community in Portland that has proven to be very important to a lot of people. Seriously, some people have met their spouses at our gym! Babies have been born! We even hosted a wedding a few years back (totally adorable - they did their vows on top of the kiddie boulder, then slid down the slide after their first kiss!)! Can you tell how much I love this place? So, I'm expecting great things out of the new location. Please come by and visit if you're ever in town, and if you live in Portland, you've got friends waiting to see you at The Circuit! Come see!


Kat Sloma said...

This is so awesome! Congrats to you guys! :) We'll have to come visit when we move back.

Portland Sunshine said...

so glad you found me. and glad i found you! i have been near the circuit gym in sw, always curious about it but never gone inside - we'll have to go check it out! so cool!!!! congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
I found you from Picture Winter. I am a PDX'er, but right now I live in China. I had to comment when I saw that The Circuit is your family business. My husband and I are long time PDX area climbers (well, not so much these days) and we visit The Circuit every time we visit Portland. I am excited to hear that you've opened another gym! Love how small the blog world is! p.s., I met my husband at the Portland Rock Gym, more than 10 years ago!